Food & Beverage

Volunteers raise money for their squadron/organization funds by working in food and beverage sales. Approximately 2,000 volunteers are solicited to staff food and beverage booths and carts during the three scheduled Air Shows: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers are also needed to assist with set up (Wednesday and Thursday) and tear down (Sunday afternoon/evening.)
Commands and organizations participating in the volunteer program will receive a prorated percentage of all food, beverage and cart sales.


Wednesday Set Up: 0730-1700
Thursday Set Up: 0730-1700
Friday: 0630-1800
Saturday: 0630-1800
Sunday: 0630-1800
Sunday Tear Down: 1530-2000

(NOTE: Shift times are approximate and subject to change)

Grandstands & Seating

Volunteers assigned to man one of the three entrances will either be scanning tickets, applying wrist bands or stamps, passing out brochures and/or watching the reentry. Volunteers assigned to box seating will be stationed in the box seating area where they will direct patrons to their correct seating area.

Grandstands and Seating:

Friday: 0730-1700

Saturday: 0730-1700

Sunday: 0730-1700


The Semper Fi Catering and Events branch of the Airshow is responsible for producing food for all of the Corporate and Ticketed chalets on the flight line. Volunteers are needed in multiple areas as runners and to provide security for access to the chalets. Volunteers interact closely with Airshow patrons as well as experience another level of service provided. This area can be very fast-paced, with a lot of moving parts, and we are looking for people who are enthusiastic, and ready to move fast.


Friday: 0730-1700

Saturday Day: 0730-1700

Sunday: 0730-1700