2022 MCAS Miramar Air Show Schedule

Friday-Sunday: September 23-25

8:00 am
Gates open to the public

9:30 am
Jon Melby / Precision Exotics I Race the Runway Experience

9:48 am
Kent Pietsch Interstate Cadet (Trucktop)

10:00 am
USAF C-17 West Coast Demo Team

10:16 am
 Opening Ceremonies | USA Golden Knights / USN Leap Frogs

11:03 am
USMC F-35B Aerobatic Demo

11:23 am
Kent Pietsch (Deadstick)

11:31 am
USAF U-2 Dragon Lady (Friday Only)

11:45 am
Redbull Air Force | Kirby Chambliss Edge 540 / Aaron Fitzgerald Redbull BO-105 Helo / Wingsuit Flyers

12:12 pm
Vicky Benzing 450 Stearman

12:26 pm
Mike Goulian Extra 330

12:40 pm
Hot Streak Jet Truck II / Mike Goulian Race

12:48 pm
Kent Pietsch (Comedy)

12:58 pm
USA Golden Knights & USN Leap Frogs

1:15 pm
MAGTF | Marine Air Ground Task Force

2:04 pm
USAF F-22 Raptor Demo w/P-51D Heritage Flight (Saturday & Sunday Only)

2:36 pm
Rob Holland Aerobatics MXS-RH

2:50 pm
Hot Streak Jet Truck II / Rob Holland Race (Saturday & Sunday Only)

2:58 pm
USN Blue Angels and Fat Albert

4:13 pm
End of Aerial Demonstrations

NOTE: Times are approximate and subject to change.