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Squadron Row

Fundraising Opportunities for your Squadron

Squadron booths are a great way to reach out to the public!

Squadron Memorabilia Booths raise money for their squadron funds by selling squadron memorabilia at the Air Show in a designated booth for the unit.

Many Air Show attendees are looking for hats, patches, t-shirts and other squadron memorabilia. Earn some extra money while representing your squadron at this year’s show.

Units receiving a booth at the Air Show will be contacted by SSgt Cindia Fernandez via a confirmation email which will include information regarding the mandatory training for all booth supervisors and alternates. Applications will begin on 22 MAY 2017. The submission deadline for all applications will be August 22, 2017.

For additional information, contact SSgt Cindia Fernandez, Squadron Booth Coordinator at: cindia.fernandez@usmc.mil, or call Commercial at (858) 577-1801, or DSN 267-1801.