Directions, RideShare, Parking & Event Map


Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, is located about 15 miles north of downtown San Diego, between Interstate Highways 805 and 15.

By motor vehicle, access the…

Main (East) Gate from the MCAS Miramar (Miramar Way) exit on I-15.

North or West Gates from the Miramar Rd. exit on I-15 or I-805.

By bicycle, access the…

Main (East) Gate via Kearny Villa Rd., except when Kearny Villa is closed from 12-4pm
for the Blue Angels.

West Gate from Miramar Rd.

North Gate from Clayton Dr.

Once on base, bicyclists will be routed by traffic control to the Bicycle Parking Pavilion (BPP) near the flight line.

Rideshare & Taxi Pickup / Drop-Off Lots

To ease traffic and parking congestion at this year’s Air Show, a designated rideshare and taxi pickup and drop-off station is available for your convenience. It’s located off of Kearny Villa Road at the Harris Plant exit to the Gold Parking Lot.

To assist you in finding this location, please click the thumb nail below to enlarge the rideshare map.







NOTE: Rideshare lots are open to all transportation services.

Getting In & Parking

You must have a valid drivers license, current registration and proof of insurance to bring your vehicle onto a military base. If driving a rental car, valid drivers license, proof of insurance & car rental agreement will be required.

Security personnel will direct you from the gate to your parking area. There may be adjustments prior to the Air Show.

Free General Admission may use the North, East/Main or West Gates; drivers will be directed to general parking areas.

Grandstands & Box Seat ticket holders may use the North, East/Main or West Gates; drivers will be directed to general parking areas.

Preferred Parking Preferred Parking requires special passes. Preferred parking is accessible from Harris Plant Road off of Kearny Villa Road. Pass holders will be directed to the gate. Chalet Ticket Holders: You cannot access the preferred parking areas from the North, East/Main or West Gate so you must enter through the South Gate. The preferred parking will be accessible through the
South Gate off the Harris Plant Road exit of Kearny Villa Road.

Handicapped Parking, please use the West Gate or North Gate. For more information see map below.

Bus Parking use the West Gate. For more information, see map below.

Bicycle Pavilion (BPP) is located near flight line Air Show Entry Gate#2. Bicyclists may enter any of the three base gates and follow bicycle traffic directional signs to the BPP.

Locating Your Parked Car. For assistance in locating your vehicle’s parking location after the event, here are two links that will allow you to download smartphone apps to assist you in this regard:
• Google’s Find My Car [ link ] • AppAdvice’s Car Finder Apps (Various) [ link ] – NOTE: No Federal endorsement implied. 

For Your Safety

To ensure the safety of the Air Show and its participants, large coolers, large ice chests, large bags and backpacks will not be permitted on the flight line. Essential carryalls such as baby bags will be carefully inspected. Glass containers and alcoholic beverages are not allowed and will be confiscated. Pets, bikes, rollerblades, skates or (kick and electric) scooters of any type are prohibited on the flight line.
For more information, please visit our [ Security & FAQs ] page.

Directional Map

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Event Map

Click [ here ] to view, or to download a JPG version of the map. (NOTE: This map is subject to change)